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issue with nvdia graphic card

issue with nvdia graphic card

Added 22/2/2012

                                                                                              nvdia card problem

if you already own a notbook with nvdia graphic card as the models listed here  hp pavillon ( dv 2000 ,dv 6000,dv9000),compaq presario(V3000,V6000) , dell precision (M2300,M4300,M65) ,dell latitude(D620,D630,D830)  ,dell vostro(1310,1400,1510,1710 ),dell XPS(M1330,1530) ,dell's probable that one day you may experience one or more symptomes like this ,no video on the computer lcd screen   ,no power up, image hang ,screen going blank, random  characters on the screen lines on the screen.according to Nvdia the graphics processor and chipsets are failing due to a manufacturing flaw .laptops get turned on and off many times in a day so the problem occurs  when the small soldering balls crack and lose contact with the surface of the gpu or the motherbord due to cycling heat  (cold => ho t=> cold => hot).                                   

                                   graphic card problem

the issue become more critical when there is a misfucion in the cooling system due either  to a poor design or   users bad habits (puting laptop on bed), because the heat accumulation on the gpu will speed up the onset of the problem.when you are bying a hp dv6000 you are in the same time bying the problem with it ,it depends on how do  you use your laptop that the time of the first graphics symtoms apparition can vary from short periode  to long one ,so we must not put all the blame on nvdia manifucturer ,the user is hold responsable  too, don't put your notebook in a oven and then  fill a request to nvdia corporation asking them   tu refund you .

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